July 3th, 2023
FoA Skills AV and LP: Disseminating, promoting, and implementing the Framework of Actions on skills in the European Audiovisual and Live Performance sectors (Sept. 2023-Aug. 2025)


In 2022 social partners of the EU Audiovisual (AV) and Live Performance (LP) Social Dialogue Committees have been working together towards the adoption of a Framework of Actions (FoA) on Skills. The FoA builds on the labour intelligence and expertise acquired by the social partners since 2014 through their cooperation in the Creative Skills Europe project, the European Platform for Employment and Training in the AV and LP sectors.

The FoA sets out shared values, common objectives, and joint commitments of the social partners to support skills development in the EU. A specific focus is on the digital era. The document also encourages good practices and points towards different fields of action at national and European levels to further promote lifelong learning.

The general objective of the project is to improve the relevance, quality, and accessibility of lifelong learning for sector professionals. The main tool to achieve this objective is the implementation of the FoA.

Framework of Actions on Skills

The FoA is available in 9 languages here (EnglishFrenchSpanishPortugueseItalianGermanCzechSwedish and Polish).


The project has three activity strands that will run in parallel and reinforce each other:

  1. The promotion and dissemination of the FoA across the EU Member States and regions through the organisation of online and in-person regional meetings (focus on Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Northern Europe incl. the Baltic countries).
  2. The support to the networking of national sector skills councils – piloted by national social partners - and other similar bodies to make sure good practices continue to circulate across EU borders and that they reinforce the recommendations put forward by the FoA. Two online and two in-person meetings will be organised in Brussels and, all along the project, information will be collected and re-disseminated widely.
  3. The coordination of the large-scale skills partnership in the CCIs ecosystem under the Pact for Skills and input from the social partners into the activities and outputs of the partnership. Social partners will continue to co-lead the CCI partnership and they will feed into its work, in particular through the organisation of an online meeting with CEDEFOP and other key stakeholders on the production of labour market intelligence and the collection of data on skills needs trends in the sectors. The European social partners will also participate in the different thematic working groups of the partnership.

The FoA will be translated into nine languages. In addition, campaign material (a publication + social media visuals) in four languages (English, Spanish, French and German) will also be prepared to address a key challenge in the audiovisual and live performance sectors: the lack of skilled professionals in a series of occupations, in particular technical ones. This campaign, addressing a very concrete and urgent need both in the audiovisual and live performance sectors, will engage stakeholders on a skills topic directly grounded in their reality, with the aim of then interesting them in a more general skills discussion.

A new section on the Creative Skills Europe website will be created to present the FoA on skills in its different linguistic versions, as well as all other communication material produced, incl. the campaign material. The good practices, skills needs’ assessments and all other relevant information collected through the network of national sector skills councils will also be published on the website, in the ‘resources’ section, as well as on the social media channels of Creative Skills Europe. A newsletter on the project activities will be regularly published.


The project is supported by the European Union

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