LP capacity building project: Strengthening capacities in the live performance sector (Sept. 2023-Aug. 2025)


In recent years, the European Social Partners in the Live Performance have been actively implementing several diverse social dialogue joint projects. The areas covered by these activities include gender equality, risk assessment, skills development, social dialogue in the commercial (i.e. non-state funded) live performance sector and travelling with musical instruments. While a recovery is ongoing, the pandemic has had an impact on several aspects of the sector’s functioning and its social partners.

With this two-year project, the social partners aim to build on the previous joint work, draw lessons from the pandemic experience and provide capacity building to their memberships across Europe.

A mapping research will form a basis for these activities. It will help to focus the training on themes that are the most important issues for the sector. 

Given the wide range of aspects within the social dialogue programme, this capacity-building project will also use meetings to disseminate information gathered during other joint projects and promote tools created by the European social partners (OiRA, gender equality, creative skills). This will allow national social partners (employers' associations and trade unions) to support and inform their members better on key challenges in the sector.

The project outcomes will provide crucial information/good practice for increasing the capacities of national social partners, and for building strategies that support and improve social dialogue and cooperation at the national level, to the benefit of the whole sector.

It will also allow to provide input to the OMC group on artist working conditions, and to the EP resolution on the social situation of the artist and the recovery.

Concretely, the project includes:

  •    3 capacity-building meetings in total, organized as follows:
    • Mid-project seminar and capacity building (May 2024), possibly in Paris
    • 2 capacity-building meetings, each supported by 2 different thematic research reports. The meetings will also include a presentation of tools and publications developed by the European social partners, and of the new policy orientations in relation to European social dialogue and European social policy.
  •    One online final event for the presentation of the results
  •    A mapping and presentation of social partner initiatives and achievements, create an online database of such resources.
  •    Awareness-raising through communication and information provision. The research will be compiled into a final report, which will be made available in English, French, and Spanish


The consortium for this project consists of:

A steering committee equally composed of employers and unions oversees the project.

This project is supported by the European Union

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