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Association of British Orchestras
Association Belge du Spectacle ABS - Belgian Spectacle Association BSV
Association of Spanish Symphony Orchestras
Association of French Orchestras
Association entertainment sector professionals Italy
Association of Hungarian Orchestras
Association of Professional Theatres in Czech Republic
Association of Slovak Theatres and Orchestras
Association of Slovene Theatre Managers
Association of Symphony Orchestras and Choirs of the Czech Republic
BAROQUE - Bulgarian Association of Employers in Culture
Association of Austrian Regional and City Theatres
Dansk Teater
Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera institutions
German Theatre and Orchestra Association
Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions
FEAS - Fédéraration des employeurs des Arts de la scène
Spanish Federation of Associations of Performing Arts Companies
National Federation for Public and Private Performing Arts Employers
FMA - Spanish Music Festival Association
Fédération Romande des Arts de la Scène
Federation of Scottish Theatre
Employers' Association of Operas, Orchestras, Festivals of Lyric Art and Classical Music
Hungarian Theatre Association
Dutch Association for Performing Arts
Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras
Platform for arts organisations in Flanders
Swiss Association of Professional Ochestras
Portuguese Association of Performing Arts
Union of Swiss Theaters
SAVIST - Employers Association for the Performing Arts in Iceland
Society of London Theatres
Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras
Association of Finnish Theatres
Swedish Performing Arts Association
UK Theatre and Performing Arts Membership Organisation
Union of Independent Theatres of Poland
VNPF - Association of Dutch Music Venues and Festivals
VPLT - The German Entertainment Technology Association
Association of Dutch Orchestras
Dutch Association of Theatres and Concert Halls
Association of Theatres in Vienna
Society of Polish Philharmonics
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