Gender Equality on and off the Stage: A Mapping Project of the European Live Performance Sector (Jan 2020 to Jan 2022)
social partners activities in relation to gender equality in the live performance

The European Social Partners in the Live Performance sector undertake between 2020 and end of 2021 a project on gender equality. The aim of the project is to collect an overview of the situation in relation to gender equality in the Live Performance sector across the EU. It will also highlight best practices. This should allow to consider the future work of the European social partners on this topic.

More concretely, the objectives of the project are:

  • To bring together the sector-focused research and the quantitative data, where it exists, to compile a literature review and a summary of the sectoral trends and findings in this area. This would underpin the project as a whole and serve as a useful, general backdrop to the planned work.
  • To bring together expert stakeholders from across the EU in a workshop setting, on a series of key themes, in order to deepen knowledge and create new partnerships and cross-fertilisations around the aspects of gender equality in the Live Performance sector that have been identified as the key strands of this project, namely:
    • Gender equality in production
    • Gender equality off-stage
    • A sectoral culture of equality and respect, with no place for sexual harassment
  •  To publish a Sectoral Reader bringing together all of the project findings. This will be a source of inspiration and good practice for social partners and policymakers driving forward work to achieve meaningful gender equality in the live performance sector;
  •  To provide the European Social Partners with a robust basis to develop their joint work on Gender Equality

All the project outcomes can be found on the dedicated website which was launched on 4 March 2022

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