Mapping Social Dialogue in the Commercial Live Performance Sector (Feb 2019 to Jun 2021)

The European social partners in the live performance sector have launched a project to map and assess the situation of social dialogue in the commercial live performance sector which is largely unmapped in a significant number of EU countries. This project will focus on five countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Poland.

The aim of the action is to identify key players in the commercial sector, to research the state of social dialogue in the commercial live performance sector in these countries. situation. The main focus of the project will be study, which will be conducted through desk research, field research in each project country, and focus groups and interviews. The project will be coordinated by a lead researcher, and the field research will be implemented by a local researcher in each project country. The lead researcher will coordinate and guide the work of the field researchers and eventually compile the data into a single research report.

The project will also provide contact with organizations with whom we currently have no contact, such as employers 'or workers' organizations who operate in the sector. If such organizations do not exist yet, we hope that employers and workers from the commercial sector will find a source of inspiration from the project.

The report with the mapping of social dialogue in the commercial live performance can be found here https://www.pearle.eu/publication/final-report-social-dialogue-in-the-commercial-live-performance-sector



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