January 1st, 2024
INSPIRE (2024-2027)

INSPIRE - Alliance for a Net Positive Performing Arts Sector strives to upscale the green, digital, entrepreneurial, soft and resilience skills of existing and prospective performance production managers, set designers, artistic and stage directors, facilities managers and stage technicians of the Performing Arts Sector and to upskill VET and HE professionals in a holistic and innovative way, so as this sector to act as a driver and as an enabler of sustainable development in Europe and beyond.

Its goal is to uplift innovation through the strategic cooperation and flow of knowledge among 3 higher and vocational education and training centres and 8 labour market actors in 6 European countries active in the Performing Arts Sector. Specifically:

  • 250 stakeholders of the Performing Arts Sector will be involved in identifying the learning needs of the target groups in the subject area and the market demand, enhancing the system responsiveness to labour market needs
  • 540 professionals and VET trainers active in the Performing Arts sector will be upskilled in the field of sustainable productions, forming this way a transnational community empowered with upgraded skills, able to coach and offer art performances with a positive impact on society and the environment
  • 10.000 professionals working in the Performing Arts Sector, VET providers, teachers, trainers, HEIs, governmental carriers, public agencies and policymakers will be reached through the dissemination and exploitation activities

The project will reach its objectives by implementing project management, development, dissemination and exploitation activities within the framework of 5 WPs, leading to the development of 6 new Occupational Profiles, an INSPIRE Practical Handbook, an Online Training Programme and an Online Learning Platform.

5 Seminars, 5 Online Training Programmes, 4 National Conferences and one transnational Final Conference will be implemented during the project life cycle


University of Peloponnese (Greece)
Pearle* (Belgium)
Opera Europa (Belgium)
Fondazione Accademia alla Scala (Italy)
STEPP (Steunpunt voor Productionelen, Ontwerpende en Technische krachten van de brede culturele sector) (Belgium)
ACQUIN (The Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute) (Germany)
ReadLab (Research Innovation and Development Lab) (Greece)
PI4SD (Post-Innovation for Sustainable Development) (Greece)
Candide International (Belgium)
Akademie der OETHG (Austria)
Ecogesa environmental and management consulting (Spain)

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