November 30th, 2022
CITES CoP19: The music sector welcomes the decision to keep Pernambuco in Appendix II
Press release
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Press release
Paris/Brussels, 30 November 2022

On 25 November 2022, CITES Conference of the Parties in Panama (CoP19) agreed  to keep Pernambuco (Pau Brasil) in CITES Appendix II listing, including a revised annotation #10. This decision is a relief for the entire music sector, which had worked tirelessly for several months to convince CITES Parties that the conservation of Pernambuco could be addressed efficiently without a listing in Annex I – as initially proposed by Brazil.

Bow makers, luthiers, musicians, orchestras and music ensembles worldwide strongly welcome the outcome of the discussions and wish to thank Brazil for its understanding and CITES Parties for their efforts to build consensus on this sensitive matter.  It has been noted that the adopted text includes an action plan to prepare a sustainable future for this emblematic Brazilian species, which is of critical importance for the music sector.

This success is the result of close and fruitful cooperation between our organisations (CAFIM, CSFI, FIM, Pearle*) and NAMM, the League of American Orchestras, IPCI and EILA.

We would also like to thank the European Commission’s Directorate General Environment and national CITES authorities for their support on this matter and their commitment to ensuring proper implementation of the agreed set of actions over the coming years.

The new provisions adopted in Panama include a reinforced control of Pernambuco exports from Brazil and CITES permit requirements for finished bows (such as for Pernambuco wood in general) that are first exported from Brazil. Finished bows crossing borders after the wood or finished product has been exported from Brazil remain exempt from CITES permit requirements. The agreement is accompanied by a set of actions for CITES Parties and Committees to discuss and, in some cases, voluntarily enact in the next three years before CoP20. These recommendations include efforts by the CITES Secretariat, CITES Parties, and stakeholders to consider systems for documenting the legality of bows and Pernambuco stockpiles, support capacity-building for enforcement and conservation efforts within Brazil and among Parties and identify plantation-grown Pernambuco that could be certified for sustainable use.

Moreover, during CoP19, the United States submitted two constructive proposals on the Musical Instrument Certificate (MIC), supported by a detailed policy paper. These proposals recommend initiating CITES work before the next CoP to ease the non-commercial movement of musical instruments across borders through simplified permit procedures and the use of electronic permitting systems. Both proposals were adopted by consensus, setting in motion a process to draft improved policies that could be adopted at CoP20.

We stand ready to further cooperate with the European Commission and national authorities worldwide to implement the proposals on Pernambuco and the MIC, promote better knowledge about CITES-protected species used in musical instruments and work towards the adoption of appropriate procedures and sustainable rules for the music sector.

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Confederation of European Music Industries (CAFIM). The Confederation of European Music Industries used to gather European musical instrument manufacturers only. On May 5, 1977, as unification within Europe gradually progressed, the confederation came to cover the entire branch. Today CAFIM represents the music trade in the whole of Europe including wholesalers, retailers and importers. Its general objectives are to promote and safeguard the interests of the European musical instrument industry as well as those of practicing musicians in every conceivable way.

CSFI - La Chambre Syndicale de la Facture Instrumentale - French Musical Instrument Organisation was founded in 1890 in Paris. It gathers companies and craftsmen who make, distribute and export musical instruments and their accessories. The CSFI also welcomes resellers and other instrument makers associations (violin, guitar, piano). Its main objectives are the protection of its members and of the musical instrument making as a whole and the development of the instrumental practice for everybody.

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FIM - The International Federation of Musicians, founded in 1948, is the only body representing musicians’ unions globally, with members in about 65 countries covering all regions of the world. FIM is recognised as an NGO by diverse international authorities such as WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), the ILO (International Labour Office), the European Commission, the European Parliament or the Council of Europe.

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PEARLE* - Live Performance Europe is the ‘Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe’. Pearle* represents through its member associations the interests of more than 10000 organisations in the music, performing arts and live entertainment sector. This includes profit as well as non-profit organisations, ranging from micro-enterprises to organisations with over 250 employees. Pearle* is recognised by the European Commission as a European sectoral social partner, representing the employers in the European sectoral social dialogue committee live performance

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