Launch of Crossing Borders: online tool to facilitate travel preparations with musical instruments containing CITES-protected species | Press Release

Brussels, 8 February 2022

Pearle* – Live Performance Europe and the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) are pleased to announce
the launch of their joint website Crossing Borders: Travelling with musical instruments. The site
includes profiled questions to help musicians, as well as music ensembles, prepare their touring activities with
musical instruments containing CITES-protected species.

The objective is to help users determine whether a CITES Musical Instrument Certificate (MIC) is required when
crossing international borders with their musical instruments for non-commercial purposes, such as concerts and
other live performance events, competitions, teaching and recording. Musicians, orchestras and other music
groups can also identify steps to be taken before their departure.

The use of the targeted online questionnaire is free of charge and facilitates the preparation of international touring
activities2. Whether a MIC (or a TEC for music groups or orchestras) is needed or not depends on three criteria:
the presence of protected species in the instrument, the travel destination and the purpose of travel.

The website is available in English and French; other languages such as German will follow shortly.

Besides the questionnaire, the site also includes our joint publication Crossing borders which has been recently
updated. It gives a practical overview of CITES rules and provides guidance to orchestras, music groups and
musicians travelling with instruments containing protected species.

John Smith, FIM President, said “We wanted this tool to be interactive, simple and easily accessible: it is now fully
operational and we are proud to open it to the public. All musicians should use it before touring abroad.”

Morten Gjelten, President of Pearle* added: “The online tool will be of great help for orchestras, ensembles or
music groups to prepare travel. For different destinations and practically all protected species used in instruments,
it shows which steps must be taken to obtain the necessary administrative documents before going on tour.”

A number of legally crafted musical instruments may contain elephant ivory, tortoiseshell, reptile skin, rosewood
or other materials regulated under CITES. Pearle* and FIM wish to recall their commitment and support of the
CITES objectives on combatting wildlife trafficking, including the illegal trade of ivory.

Pearle* and FIM extend special thanks to the German Federal Office for Nature Conservation (BfN), in particular
the German CITES enforcement authority as well as the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) for their
support and advice regarding the information provided on the website.

The International Federation of Musicians (FIM), founded in 1948, is the only body representing musicians’
unions globally, with members in about 65 countries covering all regions of the world. FIM is recognised as an
NGO by diverse international authorities such as WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), UNESCO
(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), the ILO (International Labour Office), the
European Commission, the European Parliament or the Council of Europe.
Contact: Thomas Dayan +33 145 263 123 | +33 664 125 578 |

PEARLE* – Live Performance Europe represents through its member associations the interests of more than
10,000 organisations including orchestras, music ensembles, groups, festivals, concert halls, producers, promoters
and service suppliers in the event technology across Europe. This includes profit as well as non-profit
organisations, ranging from micro-enterprises to companies with over 250 employees. Pearle* is recognised by the
European Commission as a European sectoral social partner, representing the employers in the European sectoral
social dialogue committee live performance. Pearle* is a member of the CITES working group on annotations and
electronic systems. Pearle* also has observer status with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation)
and ILO (International Labour Organisation).

Contact: Silke Lavani + 32 22 03 62 96 | +32 476 02 71 87 |

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