Joint Position of the European Sectoral Social Partners in the Live Performance Sector Regarding the Proposal for Revision of the Visa Code (July 2018)

The conditions and procedures to obtain a Schengen visa can often be a cause of frustration and may sometimes even lead to the cancellation of performances; think about the heavy consequences if third-country national artists are not granted a visa.

The European Commission is currently revising the rules to apply and obtain a Schengen visa. In this context, as European social partners representing the live performance sector, Pearle* and the European Arts and Entertainment Alliance (EAEA) have issued a joint position statement.

A continuing problem remains the limitation of visa-exempt and visa-required third country nationals to the maximum stay of 90 days in a 180 day period; an issue that could have been resolved by the Touring visa proposal of 2014 which was withdrawn two years later.

Social partners call particularly for a non-raise of the visa fee for touring groups and for more effort in makeìing the condition for multiple entry visa as simple as possible. Other concerns are related to the competent member state for issuing visa, and the duration for decisions on individual cases.


Find the current rules on Schengen visa in The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Visas for Third Country National Artists Traveling to the Schengen Area 



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