Third Country Nationals
The live performance sector is genuinely an international sector as people are engaged in a production or organisation on the basis of their unique talents and skills. Europe is also home of venues and festivals which programme highly diverse groups coming from all over the world.

Therefore the travelling of third country national artists and/or their employment with live performance organisations based in Europe is of immediate interest to Pearle. Whilst there exist general rules for third country nationals, such as for those who need a visa to travel to the Schengen area, when it comes to longer stays or employment each country of the EU has its own rules. This makes touring and hosting of non-European performances often complicated and difficult.

Pearle seeks to address specific issues in the sector such as visa application processes and the issue of being limited by the 90day rule in a 180 day period. As there are no specific European rules for artists, unlike other categories such as students, researchers, seasonal workers, it remains often a difficult process for European organisers. In a recent publication on visas for third country nationals (see the section publications on this website) Pearle gives information and tips to take into consideration.

European based artists and groups also travel to other parts of the world. in particular touring to the USA  requires good preparation. For more info, check the policy area 'external relations'.

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