Pearle* proposal for amendments on the draft opinion of the CULT committee on the implementation report on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement
26 June 2023

Pearle* is part of the business group in the EU DAG (Domestic Advisory Group) on the EU UK TCA. Pearle* was also invited to the UK All-party Parliamentary Group APPG on music, chaired by MP Kevin Brennan which led to a report 'Let the music move : a new deal for touring' published in July 2022.

Impact of the EU UK TCA on the live performance sector

The core activity for live performance organisations in this context concerns the physical movement of persons doing concerts, shows and performances in venues, concert halls and at festivals. It ranges from big acts and famous artists, over well-established groups and ensembles to small (niche) events and emerging artists.

The main three most quoted areas which cause difficulties concern :

  • working temporarily (for the period of a tour) in another country
  • dealing with customs requirements when travelling with equipment, including musical instruments, that are needed for the show
  • transport (road haulage) by specialised entertainment companies transporting equipment for shows, and own account transport, in relation to the conditions on EU cabotage rules which are ill-adapted to the specifics of the sector

The combination of these and other rules increase working time, costs, administrative and cumbersome procedures, and make touring longer and more expensive, which particularity put smaller cultural organisations and emerging bands and groups at disadvantage. Despite efforts to provide information, there exist still a great deal of lack of knowledge and understanding of the rules.

Simpler rules and coordinated approach on both sides would help to overcome the obstacles created by the EU UK TCA.




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