Culture is a competence in which the EU has limited powers, yet it is an area where cooperation and collaboration across borders are prominent.

Pearle contributes to the discussions, debates, reflections on cultural policy and Europe’s added value in various groups, committees, studies, conferences and meetings facilitated by the European Institutions or networks (such as Culture Action Europe or On the Move).

Following the European Year on Heritage in 2018, Pearle* strives for a better recognition and support for the immaterial heritage of music and performing arts. In a publication issued on the occasion of the European Year, Pearle* presents the wide variety of centuries of live arts which form the roots and basis of the art produced today. In this regard, Pearle* contributes for the benefit of the live performance sector to the dedicated expert group on cultural heritage.

The existence of a dedicated European funding programme for culture, the “Creative Europe” programme, is by its very existence an expression of the recognition of culture as included in the Treaty. It is regretful that the budget by no means meets the expectations of the cultural sector in Europe. Every year many organisations that submitted a project are disappointedly turned down, despite the relentless enthusiasm from cultural actors across Europe.

EYCH2018: Cultural heritage in the live performance
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