September 15th, 2020
Press release: Pearle* brings the project Behind the Stage to a close
Final online conference on 16th September 2020

Brussels (14 September 2020)

Originally planned for April this year, but postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe, Pearle* will be holding a final one-day online conference on 16th September to formally bring its capacity building project Behind the Stage to a close.

Launched by Pearle* in February 2018 with the financial support of the EU through a dedicated budget line managed by DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, the aims of Behind the Stage have been to:

  • Contribute towards the targets set by the European Pillar of Social Rights:

The Pillar has served as a red thread throughout the project and inspired the topics chosen for discussion and learning at the four capacity building meetings held in 2018 and 2019.

  • Empower the role and capacity of Live Performance employers’ associations:

The project’s seminars and workshops offering specialised training in leadership and managerial skills, paying special attention to supporting small or emerging employers’ organisations as well as encouraging the creation of new associations. Behind the Stage also focused on raising public awareness about the role and achievements of employers’ associations through bespoke comms actions, including an Awards Event in November 2018.

  • Strengthen social dialogue in the Live Performance sector:

The implementation of refreshed practices related to dialogue and communication between social partners which would ultimately lead to improving industrial relations has been the engine driving the vast majority of activities undertaken by Behind the Stage.

The project’s aims also shape the conference programme on 16th September, which includes a workshop led by the consultant Lies Martens, who will guide participants through the new rules in the EU posting of workers directive in the context of the Commission’s objective of “equal pay for equal work” for cross-border workers.

In a later session Kristine  Krivmane, Team leader Social dialogue unit – DG Employment, will offer an update on EU policy and objectives on social affairs and on the recovery plans in answer to the Covid-19 crisis. Christian Welz, senior research manager at Eurofound (European Agency for Living and Working Conditions) will also join the conference to present the results of a new report published by Eurofound on capacity-building for effective social dialogue”.

And building on the positive experience of previous sessions organized in the context of Behind the Stage, the European representatives of the trade unions will attend the conference for a round table discussion with Pearle members on a series of issues of common concern. Inevitably the devastating effects of the Covid-19 confinement period on the live performance sector and the difficulties associated with the resumption of activities will form the basis of the conversation.

Although the end of the conference brings with it the end of the project, there is no doubt that the dynamics established by Behind the Stage will continue to inspire Pearle* and its members in the development of future initiatives and actions.



With the financial support of the European Commission

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