June 11th, 2020
“Behind the Stage” project to run until September 2020

Pearle* is pleased to announce that the European Commission has granted its permission to extend the duration of the project “Behind the Stage” until September to include a concluding one-day conference to be held at the the Kaaitheater in Brussels on Wednesday 16th September 2020. This event replaces the conference originally scheduled to take place in April this year and which was cancelled as a result of Covid-19.

Launched by Pearle* in February 2018 with the financial support of DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, the aim of “Behind the Stage” has been to provide employers’ associations and organisations in the European Live Performance sector with the tools to:

•    Meet the targets set by the European Pillar of Social Rights
•    Empower their role and capacity
•    Strengthen social dialogue in the Live Performance sector

In the context of some of the themes covered during the “Behind the Stage” capacity building meetings held in 2018 and 2019, Pearle* asked members attending its 59th on-line conference and general assembly at the end of May to answer a brief, on-the-spot survey in order to obtain a snapshot of their situation in the light of the coronavirus health crisis at that particular moment in time.

While the full results of the survey will be published at a later date, here are a few conclusions:

•    More than 40% of Pearle* members believe that all, or almost all their members will survive the economic crisis caused by Covid 19
•    Over 55% replied affirmatively to the question as to whether there is concern in their countries that the Corona crisis may have led to a permanent decrease in audience numbers for live performance
•    Almost 60% indicated that social dialogue in their countries is now more active than before the health crisis
•    Over 76% confirm that the Corona crisis has led to a strengthening of their members network

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