March 8th, 2021
One year without Culture
Pearle* urges EU and its Member States to take scientific evidence into account and open up the live performance sector to audiences

Brussels (8 March 2021)

This anniversary is not to celebrate: Throughout the EU, the cultural sector was the first to be confined in March 2020 and seems to be the last one to re-open. For numerous sectors and professionals, exemptions have been found, and been listened to, while the EU, Member States and local public authorities still refrain from presenting a genuine strategy and plan. 

The provisional toll of the pandemic is heavy for the sector: As the EY study 'Rebuilding Europe' revealed, the performing arts and music are the worst hit, with estimated 90% less revenues for performing arts and 75% less for music – and this only in 2020.

Read the full statement.

One year without Culture (March 2021)
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