April 17th, 2018
EFA and Pearle* present The Ultimate Guide for Cultural Managers - Visas for Third Country National Artists Travelling to the Schengen Area
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Third-Country Nationals
Joint Press Release
Brussels, 17 April 2018

The new edition of the EFA RISE series The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural managers is out now!

After Social Security, Artist Taxation, VAT and Copyright Clearing for Live Events the fifth booklet of the series - Visas for Third Country National Artists Travelling to the Schengen Area was officially presented by Pearle*- Live Performance Europe on the 12 April 2018 in Ljubljana in the frame of the EFA Arts Festivals Summit 2018.

The booklet explains who needs a visa to travel to the Schengen area, the validity of a Schengen visa, types of visa and application procedure. It also gives useful tips for applicants and organisers in the cultural sector.

This new edition follows the successful synergy partnership between EFA and Pearle* - Live Performance Europe started in 2014, in the context of EFA RISE, to improve general knowledge of the legal and managerial aspects of cross-border cultural cooperation.

Cross-border working, touring and international collaboration are found deep in the DNA of the live performance sector. Inside these cook books, the reader will find the necessary ingredients and a number of recipes for cooking these “cooperation dishes". Like all cooks, one is free to add spices, flavourings or other ingredients, depending on taste and needs.

The guide is available to download in the Resource Center

The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers: Visas for Third Country National Artists Travelling to the Schengen Area
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