July 8th, 2020
MusiQuE is an external evaluation body dedicated to the improvement of the quality of higher education in Europe and beyond and to assisting higher music education institutions in their own enhancement of quality.


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July 2020: Apply to become a peer reviewer of MusiQuE: Members of Pearle* associations invited to take part in the call. More information can be found here.


MusiQuE's work is subject-specific and is characterized by diversity, diversity, transparency and accountability.

Its operations are underpinned by independent, skilled and authoritative international peers.

MusiQuE is an independent European-level external evaluation body in the context of their own enhancement of quality and higher education in Europe and beyond.

MusiQuE offers a range of review and accreditation procedures tailored to the needs of higher music education institutions.

MusiQuE provides services for:

  • higher music education institutions (members of the Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique and Musikhochschulen (AEC) are offered special rates compared to non-members)
  • national quality assurance and accreditation agencies interested in joint procedures
  • staff and students in higher music education through the Quality Assurance Desk
  • other disciplines in higher education for a model of a subject-specific European-level approach to quality assurance

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