The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers: Social Security in an International Context - Update 2021
A hands-on guide that will help you sticking to the safe side

Congratulation, you are working internationally! Do you have questions like

Do I have to pay social security contributions as an employee or as a self-employed person?

And what if I'm a freelancer?

What are the basic principles of the regulations laid down by the European Union?

Where are these principles applied?

Who is covered by these principles?

What is Posting?

What are the conditions for employees?

What are the conditions for self-employed?

What happens when I work abroad?

Do not panic! This hands-on guide will give you the answers to many Social Security questions in the performing arts sector.

In this booklet we will help you to understand the consequences of Social Security in an international context and explain what you must do to comply with the European rules.




The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Social Security in an International Context Update 2021 is a new edition in the frame of the EFA RISE 2 project! It follows the successful synergy partnership between EFA and Pearle* - Live Performance Europe started in 2014, in the context of EFA RISE, to improve general knowledge of the legal and managerial aspects of cross-border cultural cooperation and counts with similar publications on Social Security, Artist Taxation, VAT, Copyright Clearing for Live Events and Visas for Third Country National Artists Travelling to the Schengen Area. In the frame of EFA RISE 2 updates were produced to account for the changes in legislation.

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Infographic on social security on cross-border mobility of artists
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