Pearle* members in the spotlight 2021-2022
Meet FMA

Founded in 2016 FMA (Spanish Music Festival Association) was created to represent the interests of pop/rock/commercial music festival organizers to set up a common space where to promote and manage projects and initiatives related to their activities.

Its overarching aim is to defend the interests of its members and seek the recognition and importance of festivals as artistic-cultural events differentiated from music concerts.


In this sense, FMA works to contributing and favouring the increase of the competitiveness, visibility and internationalization of the associated companies, as well as helping the training of the sector through the management of training actions, through the organization of conferences, courses or seminars. To this end, it will promote and ensure that the rules of fair competition between companies in the sector and regulatory compliance in matters of taxation, social security, health and safety, prevention of occupational risks, consumer and user policy and the right to the competition.  

On the other hand, the Association plans to configure itself as a channel for dialogue and dialogue with intellectual property management entities, national and foreign, in order to negotiate the use of repertoire that they manage in a specific and differentiated way from music festivals in front of other types of uses and users.


Two of the major working areas of FMA are now measuring the impact of music festivals and integrating sustainability across the board in the management of music festivals.


FMA has been working with a group of experts to gather the existing methodologies to measure impact of pop/rock/commercial festivals and create a unique one that can be implemented by all FMA members. This common methodology will improve immensely the collection of reliable data from which recommendations can be drawn. They will keep their Pearle* colleagues updated on the evolution of this project.


In the last years FMA has been very actively focused on the sustainable Development Goals creating an Action Plan for the adaptation of music festivals, within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, committing to the sustainable development goals (SDG). This being a core focus of FMA’s work they are happy to join forces as partners to any project Pearle* colleagues want to develop on the issues of sustainability, Green Deal and Sustainable Development Goals.


To know all about FMA have a look at their website and follow them on Twitter.


Pearle* members in the spotlight 2021-2022

A key strength of Pearle is the network. The network joins forces to work towards a favourable environment for the live performance sector. It does so via joint actions and activities, exchange of knowledge and of views. But Pearle is also one big family, where we can talk and meet with like-minded people, be serious when needed and relaxed where possible.

2020 was a year we couldn’t meet physically, and this was replaced with regular meetings in the form of members’ corners. In 2021 we embarked upon visits to associations in the network. Throughout 2021 and 2022 Pearle* member associations across Europe will be presented to the wider group of the network so that you have a chance to know better, or be reminded of, what colleagues do. By the end of 2021 we look forward to having a nice collection of profiles shared with you.


To know how to join us see here.



Previously Profiled Pearle* Members 2021

March 2021: APD ČR - Asociace profesionálních divadel České republiky (Association of the Professional Theatres in the Czech Republic) 

April 2021: Teatterikeskus ry (Theatre Centre)

May 2021: VNPF - Vereniging Nederlandse Poppodia en -Festivals (Association of Dutch Music Venues and Festivals)

June  2021: FAETEDA - Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Empresas de Teatro Y Danza  (Spanish Federation of Associations of Performing Arts Companies) 

July 2021: Dansk Teater (Danish Theatre)

August 2021: VPLT - Der Verband für Medien- und Veranstaltungstechnik e.V. (The German Entertainment Technology Association)

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