Pearle* members in the spotlight 2021-2022

With its seat in Madrid, FAETEDA (Spanish Federation of Associations of Performing Arts Companies) was created in 1996 with the purpose of boosting the industrialization, modernization, development and structuring of the Spanish performing arts sector. Celebrating its 25 years history, FAETEDA is now formed by 17 associations which represent more than 400 companies, producers and private theatres from all over Spain.


Its work is dedicated to improving the relationships and information exchange between its different associations, creating a necessary synergy among the industry professionals of the different autonomous communities. It was established as the only spokesperson towards administrative and professional state organisms, and has become the steppingstone for public institutions towards the private theatre sector, as a cultural good of primary importance in society. As the representative of the private sector in Spain, FAETEDA is in constant dialogue with de Ministry of Culture and different performing arts organizations, both national and international. This position has been incredibly important during Covid-19 where FAETEDA’s advocacy work focusing on the recovery of the sector, after the pandemic and economic crisis, has yielded major achievements in agreements with the Spanish government such as:


  • having the culture sector meet with the Ministry of Finance for the first time in 40 years of democracy in Spain
  • the setup of an exceptional budget line to support companies affected by the crisis, in addition to touring and co-production subsidies.
  • the inclusion of Culture into the ICO loans: a loan line with government guarantee and low interest rates (1% or 2%)
  • the inclusion of culture in the Exceptional Measures, promoted by the Government, to face the COVID-19 crisis, from March 2020 to September 2021. Among these measures is an unemployment subsidy for the self-employed, artists, and auxiliary and technical staff, in which the government pays the salary and social security of workers who have completed a minimum period of activity in the previous year.
  • working together with more than 40 associations to produce the 52 measures document that served as a basis for the negotiations with the authorities on opening theatre spaces with the protocol devised by the sector (for artists, technicians audiences and front of house):


Apart from these recent achievements FAETEDA has, over the years, been busy creating several projects to foster the development of the sector in Spain:

Chivatos: a statistical mapping on the weekly evolution of performing arts in Spain. It is a database that collects weekly all the information of the performances in public and private theatres in Spain. This program provides essential data to the sector, to improve its efficiency and provide tools to identify its main issues. Currently Chivatos has 273 associated theatres and FAETEDA is in negotiations with the Ministry of Culture and SGAE (General Society of Authors and Publishers), to contribute to the participation of theatres from all Spain.

Mercartes: a biennial performing arts market created in 2004 with the objective of promoting the relationships between professionals of the sector and generating business opportunities. Its last edition (November 7 to 9, 2018) was celebrated in Valladolid and gathered more than 1.000 professionals of the sector.

UbicArte: an interactive map listing companies, producers and performances, as well as venues, distributors, markets, festivals and associations of the performing arts sector in Spain. The purpose of this project is to gather in one place data from organizations from all the regions, allowing all professionals in the sector to have a single space with information on the Spanish scene.


One of the core battles of FAETEDA has been the VAT rates for the cultural sector. After 5 years of negotiations, in cooperation with other cultural associations, including ARTE and AEOS, the VAT rate for tickets for performing arts, live music events and cinema was finally reduced from 21% to 10%. The next step is to also achieve a reduction of the VAT rate from 10% to 4% for tickets and from 21% to 10% for cultural services supply.

To know all about FAETEDA have a look at their website.



Pearle* members in the spotlight 2021-2022

A key strength of Pearle is the network. The network joins forces to work towards a favourable environment for the live performance sector. It does so via joint actions and activities, exchange of knowledge and of views. But Pearle is also one big family, where we can talk and meet with like-minded people, be serious when needed and relaxed where possible.

2020 was a year we couldn’t meet physically, and this was replaced with regular meetings in the form of members’ corners. In 2021 we embarked upon visits to associations in the network. Throughout 2021 and 2022 Pearle* member associations across Europe will be presented to the wider group of the network so that you have a chance to know better, or be reminded of, what colleagues do. By the end of 2021 we look forward to having a nice collection of profiles shared with you.


To know how to join us see here.


Previously Profiled Pearle* Members 2021

March 2021: APD ČR - Asociace profesionálních divadel České republiky (Association of the Professional Theatres in the Czech Republic) 

April 2021: Teatterikeskus ry (Theatre Centre)

May 2021: VNPF - Vereniging Nederlandse Poppodia en -Festivals (Association of Dutch Music Venues and Festivals)

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