French Version | The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Copyright Clearing for Live Events
Pearle* is pleased to announce the publication of the French version of “Copyright Clearing for Live Events in an International Context”.

The handbook is part of the Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers series, produced in the frame of the EFA RISE project. The translation was made by On the Move, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture.


 The aim of the hands-on booklets of the Cookbook series is to support artists, cultural managers and festivals when working in an international context and navigate them through European legislation and procedures of importance for their daily work.

All the booklets explain in an easy to read and understandable way what one should know and remember of each specific theme included in the series.

 The booklet on Copyright clearance deals with frequently asked questions such as: who is responsible for the rights clearance? Which entities, collecting societies or publishers need to be contacted and how can a good deal be negotiated with them? And as if this was not complicated enough, other questions arise regarding whether or not to take into account national copyright rules or harmonised European legislation.

 This guide will walk you through the basics of copyright legislation and explain the main principles. It gives an overview of the stakeholders involved in the copyright chain and provides both practical insights and tips on how to handle the clearance process and contract negotiations.

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