Travelling with musical instruments: Updated EU regulation is needed
Pearle* and FIM call upon the Commission to consider travelling with musical instruments within the proposed package on passengers rights.

On 29 November, the Commission adopted a series of proposals seeking to amend the passenger’s rights regulations. The package aims to improve protection against cancellations and delays. The Commission also wants to improve the access of passengers to real-time information and other forms of direct support.

These proposals constitute a crucial opportunity to answer the expectations of European musicians, orchestras and ensembles of all sizes when exercising their rights as passengers, which should -according to Pearle* and FIM - also regard the transportation of musical instruments by air or rail.

For that reason, Pearle* and FIM call upon the Commission, as part of the feedback process, to include specific provisions related to the carriage of musical instruments on airplanes, trains or other transport modes.

Every day, musicians are confronted with inconsistent, often discretionary airline policies, which render their travelling unpredictable and may result in last-minute cancellations of concerts. Hindered ability to travel means fewer jobs and smaller income for musicians, music groups, bands and orchestras, with an additional negative impact on the economy surrounding concerts and festivals.

Unlike sports equipment, musical instruments cannot be easily replaced or substituted. Besides their sometimes immense monetary, historical, and artistic value, they form a symbiotic relationship with the musician, which further justifies specific, adequate, uniform measures across airline companies.

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