Pernambuco and bows for string musical instruments - statement at EC stakeholder meeting 15 July
conservation of paubrasilia echinata or pernambuco and use for bow making

Pernambuco bows are crucial to the precision, projection and tone of stringed instrument music. That is why they are used by the greatest living stringed instrument musicians of our day and virtually every professional player.

Bow making uses a relatively small quantity of pernambuco – one tree can provide a lifetime supply for each of the world’s artisanal bow makers. The illegal harvesting and trading of pernambuco, however, cannot ever be tolerated.

The signatories to the paper strongly support Brazil’s call for conservation of paubrasilia echinata or pernambuco, but they believe that stricter domestic control on exports and CITES permit requirements under the existing Appendix II listing would suffice to reach Brazil’s legitimate objectives to tackle illegal trade.

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