Pearle calls upon a joint and proportionate approach of European ministers of Culture when reopening cultural activities with a live audience in context of Covid19 exit strategies (May 2020)

Today, Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, sent an open letter to European ministers of Culture and Commissioner of Culture Gabriel, ahead of the Council meeting on May 19th.

The letter points out that there is no common approach across Europe regarding the timeline to re-open venues for the audience. Countries that are allowing again performances with audiences have very different approaches.

Whereas it is the aim of the live performance sector to open at full capacity under specific health prevention conditions, some countries choose a phased approach and base the threshold of admitted people to a venue on an absolute number without taking into account the available space.

As Pearle’s President Morten Gjelten says: ‘It is of the utmost importance that throughout Europe communications to audiences are clear and straightforward. We want to be able to provide again a live experience under the best possible conditions according to health requirements to combat the spreading of the Corona virus. Our members are drafting prevention plans to protect artists, technicians and staff, whilst considering the safety of audiences’.

For that purpose, it essential that Cultural ministers, under the Commission’s coordinating role, pay serious attention to the re-start of live activities.

Anita Debaere, Director of Pearle* adds: ‘Being one of the last sectors expecting to get a green light to work at full capacity again, it is vital to provide the necessary support and funds for the live performance sector. We cannot let talent and competences of thousands of people disappear now.’


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