Joint opinion social partners live performance following EP resolution on social situation of artists and the recovery
response to the EC question in reply to the EP call on a European status of the artist

The paper underlines the important role of social partners in relation to working conditions in the member states.

Social partners welcome the EU’s interest to the situation in the cultural sectors following the pandemic.

It is expected that it will take at least another two years for the live music and performing arts to recover from the impact of the Covid-crisis, which requires the full support of the EU institutions. With the new crisis, due to the invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the sector is even more destabilised.

Social partners are prepared to be involved in a more structural dialogue with the EU institutions on the particular issues which fall within their scope of activity and mandate.

Social partners consider the European Parliament’s call for a European status of the artist in the non-legislative resolution as a welcome invitation to policy makers to recognise the specific nature of artistic work and careers and as a concrete call to address gaps in social protection or working conditions as an important step in the cultural recovery. Social partners at national and European level are ready to take an active role in contributing to solutions that best meet the sector’s needs.

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