Pearle* postion on the EC proposal on the accessibility of public sector bodies’ websites

The European Commission has launched its proposal on the accessibility of public sector bodies’ websites on 3 December 2012. The scope of the text was broadened by European Parliament with its report adopted on 26 February 2014; consequently, the rules would apply to public bodies in the live performance sector. In this paper Pearle* would like to highlight relevant specificities of this sector which should be taken into account in the decision making process by the European Parliament and the Council.

With a report of the European Parliament, the scope of the Commission proposal on web accessibility has been widened and includes publicly funded cultural institutions. 

Whereas live performance organisations endeavour to provide access to cultural content for all citizens, a specific regime for cultural services is needed in order not to lose sight of organisational and financial burdens for our sector.

Pearle* published the following statement in view of trilogue negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission on the proposal on web accessibility.

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