April 12th, 2018
Where the past meets the future: Pearle launches publication on cultural heritage
Today, in the frame of the 2018 European Year on Cultural Heritage, PEARLE* - Live Performance Europe launches the publication “Cultural Heritage in the Live Performance”, which gives an insight into outstanding initiatives in the sector related to the preservation and creation of intangible heritage.

The publication reflects on the EYCH slogan "Our heritage: where the past meets the future" and points out the way in which the live performance sector builds up the heritage for future generations, often by making use of new technologies and the online environment. This is essential in the 2018 EYCH, says Pearle * Director Anita Debaere:

"If we want to reach out to Europe, to young people but also to groups of people living in remote areas, cultural organizations need to support and implement new ways of communicating and engaging in a dialogue. Culture and the arts are the best way to foster their sense of belonging, and ultimately European cultural diversity."  

Pearle * also puts forward the European Commission on the cultural heritage and calls on the European Commission for the immense wealth of intangible heritage in future policy proposals. In this context, specificities of the live performance sector, where tangible and intangible heritage are often interlinked, must be considered.

Note to editor:

PEARLE * - Live Performance Europe, is the European employers' federation of music and performing arts organizations. Pearle * represents through its memberships the interests of more than 10,000 live performance organizations across Europe, such as theaters, theater production companies, bands and music ensembles, orchestras, opera houses, ballet, dance companies, festivals, concert venues, variety, circus , and others. The Live Performance sector has a turnover of about 44.5 bln euros and is the biggest employer in the cultural industries with over 2 million workers in the live music and performing arts sectors.

PEARLE * is a member of the European Commission's stakeholder group on cultural heritage.

The publication is available to download in the Resource Center.

EYCH2018: Cultural heritage in the live performance
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