SMS Podcast - The entrepreneurial mind-set in time of uncertainty
In the framework of the project Strengthening Music in Society (SMS), the Working Group on Entrepreneurial mind-set for musicians – of which Pearle* is a member - is currently developing a set of podcasts addressing relevant topics on this subject. Pearle is happy to share with you the first episode, titled The entrepreneurial mindset in time of uncertainty.

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the culture sector very hard. Concert halls, venues, festivals were the first to close and the last to reopen, with a part still not operating at all. Despite strict confinement to temper the pandemic, music didn’t stop, including live music! There is a need for a new approach to career-related education in conservatories. Knowledge, skills and mind-set is important for all not only to cope with change but to see change as opportunity.

In this very first episode, you will listen to Libby Percival and Canberk Duman who used their creativity, imagination and entrepreneurial mindset to explore new business models, to build new communities, to take their social responsibility, to create new artistic work, and so much more. 

Listen here.

Read about the project here.



All podcasts are designed and prepared by the members of the WG and recorded and led by Olaf Bruns. The musical introduction and closing was composed by Camilla Overgaard and the voice was Vourneen Ryan (WG 3 members).
Other episodes of this series of podcasts are available here.

Olaf Bruns is a Brussels-based journalist. A former Deputy Head of the Brussels office of the international TV news broadcaster Euronews, he now works as a freelancer. Amongst others, he writes for the European Green Journal and is the deputy editor-in-chief of the quarterly magazine Progressive Post. He provides Media Training via Crown Media and teaches journalism at the Brussels-based media school IHECS. He holds a master’s degree in Social Anthropology from Paris XIII University with several years of social science research work in various African countries.

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