March 31th, 2022
Radio Spectrum: Growing need for Cultural frequencies

In a Commission workshop on the use of the Sub-700 MHz Band organised on 30 March 2022, Pearle* spoke in a panel on the use of UHF in PMSE, of which live performance is part. The workshop is part of a study that reviews the future use of the sub-700 MHz band.

Pearle* reminded the audience of the growing need for spectrum in the cultural sector – 110MHz today – as productions become more complex and the density of live performances in cities and rural areas is increasing. The so-called ‘cultural frequencies’ which are shared with broadcasters must therefore be protected in the long term. Sharing with the mobile sector is a no-go because of the risk of interferences during a performance.

Wireless microphone technology is crucial in live performance production, used by both performing on stage and those handling backstage operations. It, therefore, relies on access to the UHF. The EU committed itself to guaranteeing access for PMSE and broadcasters alike after it had reduced the available spectrum from 200 MHz to below 696 MHz.

As part of the WSG Wider Spectrum Group and with APWPT and SOS Save our Spectrum, Pearle* provides input to the EC policy and regulatory initiatives to continue protecting cultural frequencies for the benefit of European citizens.

On the occasion of the Commission workshop, the Wider spectrum Group published a declaration summarising their position.

Wider Spectrum Group declaration to protect cultural frequencies
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