November 20th, 2023
Pearle* members endorse a declaration on good employment by live performance organisations
Press release
Press release
Brussels, 20 November 2023

At their general assembly meeting on 17 November in Ljubljana, Pearle* members adopted a declaration on good employment in live performance organisations.

The declaration presents the role of employers as facilitators for work, who do this within a context of fair conditions for those employed by and working with them, and according to the existing laws. As stated in the declaration Pearle members see the great value of exchanging best practices, they foster mutual learning, and believe in the significance of collective agreements, which create a level playing field for those working in the sector.

Pearle* members emphasize the vital role of governments in helping employers achieve these objectives, especially considering the labour-intensive nature of the live performance sector.

Live performance organisations aim for a positive work environment, with attention to the well-being and growth of individuals in the workplace.


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Pearle* declaration on good employment by live performance organisations
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