February 26th, 2019
Lead Researcher Wanted!
Single market

The European Social Partners in the Live Performance Sector have launched a project to map and assess the situation of social dialogue in the commercial live performance sector which remains largely unmapped in a significant number of EU countries. The aim of the action is to identify the key players and to describe the commercial sector, to research the state of social dialogue in the commercial live performance sector in five Central and Eastern European countries, to understand the possible obstacles to the sectoral social dialogue and to look at ways to improve the situation. The main focus of the project will be a study, which will be conducted through desk-research, field research in each project country, and focus groups and interviews. The project will be coordinated by a lead researcher, and the field research will be implemented by a local researcher in each project country. The lead researcher will coordinate and guide the work of the field researchers and eventually compile the data into a single research report.

The lead researcher must have proven previous experience in carrying out cross-European surveys, adequate legal expertise, strong analytical and communication skills to be able to fully understand the specific national contexts in the commercial live performance sector and present the outcomes of the survey in a clear and comprehensive way.

The lead researcher will be contracted on a freelance basis for a total number of 30 days, within the period of 01.04.2019 - 30.11.2020.

The bids are to be presented on A4 format and to be submitted to UNI Europa (EURO MEI) by post and email before 15 March 2019 to the attention of Mr. Johannes Studinger, Head of UNI MEI, 40, rue Joseph II, 1000 Brussels, Belgium; email: johannes.studinger@uniglobalunion.org.


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