September 26th, 2023
In memoriam: Rupert Rhymes
On 14 September, passed away Rupert Rhymes who was a founding member of Pearle* and the first President of the association between 1991 and 2002

Under his leadership, Pearle* brought together sector associations from across Europe. Rupert Rhymes was at the time the Chief Executive of the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and the Theatrical Management Association (TMA, now called UK Theatre) until his retirement in 2001.

Rupert was a strong believer in the European idea of cooperation and the universal strength of the performing arts. On many occasions, he expressed his heart for theatre describing how it unfolds a magic world in which people can fully immerse.

During the initial years of Pearle*, together with the group of founding members, he established relations with the European Commission and international institutions. As such, Pearle* achieved an observer status with WIPO and ILO. At the European level, Pearle* became recognized as the representative employers association in a newly created committee for European sectoral social dialogue for the ‘live performance’ in 1998, realizing the start of closer cooperation with the trade unions on issues of common interest.

Pearle* members will remember him as a good listener, a person with a great sense of humour and above all a friend for life. Even upon his retirement, he continued to follow the activities of Pearle* maintaining the ties between the generations of leaders in the sector.

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