April 15th, 2019
Creative Skills Europe: Publications
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The Creative Skills Europe Publication serie is now available to download!

The freshly published publications presentthe main outcomes of a serie of workshops held by the partnes throughout the years.

  • A Step Ahead – Training for Innovation
    Good practices from across Europe on skills development supporting the structural transformations of the creative sectors

  • A Safe Bet – Training and Workforce Development
    A toolbox for the development of HR solutions supporting skills investment in the creative sector

  • It is a New World – Training in and for the Digital Era
    Examples of successful training schemes and tools for creative professionals in the digital environment

  • Joining Forces – Funding our Training Needs
    Recommendations for the development of the creative sector training funding schemes

  • Fruitful Co-operations – Access to training through Social Dialogue
    Examples of social partners’ initiatives supporting skills and careers development in the European creative sectors
Creative Skills Europe: Publications
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