September 19th, 2022
Call to Action to end online piracy of live events
Cultural Policy & CCI

Pearle* together with the sports sector and broadcasters reaches out to Members of the European Parliament, national Ministries of Culture and stakeholders in the cultural and the sports sector to seek support on a call for action targeted at the European Commission.

The pledge which can be signed until the 1st of October points out the need to tackle the issue of online piracy of live content.

The aim of the stakeholder group is to advocate for a new European legislative instrument to protect online events from piracy.

Event in the European Parliament

On 7 September, stakeholders at an event hosted at the European Parliament, discussed the impact of online piracy of live events. Pearle* also participated in a panel discussion. Please read the press release on the following link for more information.

The event was organised by ACT, the association of private broadcasters. Together with sports organisations, they launched the “live content coalition” last year, an informal group of stakeholders bringing together the sports and live event sectors as well as broadcasters.

Why does Pearle engage in this topic?

Since the Covid19 crisis the streaming of performances is becoming more important for the sector and imply important investments. Today, the live performance sector is still at the beginning of developing business models related to online streaming. Nevertheless, cases of online piracy, for instance of opera streamings have shown that without strong legal framework it is impossible for live performance organisations to effectively tackle the problem.

It is expected that online streaming will have an increasing significance in the coming years and in this context, a European legislative initiative can be of interest for the live performance sector.

More information to sign the call for action can be found here

Call to Action on online piracy
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