Culture & Education
Culture and education are both a competence in which the EU has limited powers, yet both are areas where the cooperation and collaboration across borders is prominent.

After the inclusion of an article on culture in the European treaty in 1992, one had to wait until November 2017 for a declaration by the heads of state on the importance of culture and education. Indeed the intrinsic value of culture is that it is linked to the citizens and their sense of belonging to Europe. How this translates to the daily reality of a live performance organisation is a part of the process on cultural policy making.

As a founding member of CultureActionEurope and a co-coordinator of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts, and as a stakeholder in groups such as 'Music moves Europe', the voices of culture structured dialogue, the stakeholder committee on the European Year of cultural heritage, Pearle has chance to contribute in those and many other platforms.

In the field of education, Pearle was on the forefront asking to include culture again in the school curriculum by way of education on arts history, school performances and stimulating creative skills. The first signs are promising with the increasing offer of STEAM skills in schools around Europe, although a lot more is still to be done. Closer connections between live performance organisations and the education sector have to be developed in all cities and parts of Europe to involve children and youth in their society and prepare them for their future role as citizens in Europe.

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