July 8th, 2020
Call for peer-reviewers for MusiQuE - Members of Pearle associations invited to apply
Pearle*- Live Performance Europe is inviting professionals in the music sector (classical, ancient music, pop, rock, jazz) with a heart for musicians’ education to apply to become a Peer Reviewer for MusiQuE and join the MusiQuE Review Teams which visit music and arts schools, assess them against criteria set by MusiQuE, and deliver a set of recommendations.

MusiQuE and Pearle*

MusiQuE – Music Quality Enhancement provides accreditation, quality enhancement and advisory services to institution training for the music and performing arts professions. Pearle* is one of the founding members of MusiQuE, together with the Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC) and the European Music Schools Union (EMU).

Based on this partnership, MusiQuE is built as a stakeholders’ model bringing together institutions and employers in the field of music and performing arts. The Board of MusiQuE, composed of 6 representatives, includes a member nominated by Pearle* (currently Momchil Georgiev).

Activities of MusiQuE

MusiQuE conducts evaluation procedures of institutions and study programmes, benchmarking projects and consultative visits all over the world. For each procedure, a review team is chosen by the MusiQuE Board, taking into consideration the expertise of the review team members, which ideally should also include a profound knowledge of the latest developments in the music profession. This is where the expertise of Pearle* members could play an important role. In addition, a diversity in terms of nationality and geographical profile across the reviews teams is considered and, in order to maintain a full objectivity, there must be an absence of conflict of interest with the applicant institution.

The review team conducts a site-visit of a 1-2 days (in agreement with the institution) during which the reviewers will meet with relevant institutional representatives and stakeholders. The outcome is an advisory report based on the needs of the institution, identifying challenges and proposing solutions, and including a set of recommendations for further improvement. All travel and accommodation expenses are covered and a fee is paid for the review mission.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining this initiative fill in the form. Please note that the application form is a sort of CV (based on the criteria listed below) and that it takes about 15 minutes to fill it in.


Each peer-reviewer listed on the Register should be proficient in English and have:

* an appropriate qualification (degree or professionally-oriented diploma) and recognised expertise in areas relevant to training for the music profession

* broad knowledge of the teaching and learning methods relevant to training for the music profession

* international experience that provides a basis for making international comparisons

* been trained through a training for peer-reviewers delivered by MusiQuE. The training is organised annually. In 2020, it will take place online at the beginning of November (exact dates tbc).

See full criteria here


All applications are considered by the MusiQuE Board during its meetings. Applicants are informed by email about the decision reached by the Board within three weeks after its meeting.


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