September 16th, 2021
Gender Equality Thursday I
Online Gender Equality Thursday I

16 September 2021 @ 16:30 CET

Agenda will be available shortly.

Read more about the project here.




‘Gender Equality Thursdays’

Perspectives from across the Live Performance Sector

Gender equality is a core principle of the European Union, but it is not yet a reality”.

This statement by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the launch of the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 has a strong resonance in the Live Performance sector. Like in most parts of society, gender equality is still a distant reality on the European stage, and off stage.

As part of the joint EU funded project “Gender Equality on and off the Stage: A Mapping Project of the European Live Performance Sector”, the European social partners – PEARLE*, E AEA (composed of FIA, FIM and UNI MEI) – are organising a series of four one-and-a-half-hour virtual workshops covering different dimensions of gender equality in the sector.

The objective of this series of workshops is to share good practice and reflect on the issues identified as priorities to improve gender equality in the Live Performance sector. The outcomes from the joint discussions between employers and unions will feed into the final project handbook and help define the future work of the European social partners.



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