February 28th, 2022
Revealing the Alliance

EFA – European Festivals Association / Pearle* Synergy Partnership

Revealing the Alliance – Step 1 2 3 is the new Creative Europe Network programme of the European Festivals Association (EFA) that runs from 2022 till 2024. Festivals are a strong feature in Europe’s cultural DNA and the continent’s artistic landscape. This project will encourage the scaling up of Europe’s cultural sector thanks to festivals.

It aims to initiate, consolidate and disseminate a trans-sectorial and interactive European Festivals Alliance by, for and through festivals. Building on its work in the past seven years and using the moment of EFA’s 70th anniversary in 2022, the project offers a platform for festivals’ development and for festivals’ interaction with cities and businesses to implement the “European Festivals Alliance 70-Years-On Agenda”. During EFA’s annual Arts Festivals Summit and other meetings, festivals and their stakeholders organised in sub-communities will reflect and act jointly, equipping festivals with new models for intersectoral work. Each year will focus on a new thematic priority: Environmental sustainability; Innovation, co-creation and the use of public spaces; Access to culture, inclusion, gender balance, audience development. The ultimate results of “Revealing the Alliance” are to grow sub-communities, alongside their identification with and ownership of the Alliance through networking, capacity building, collecting and disseminating knowledge and practice, advocacy and communication. EFA teams up with The Festival Academy, Pearle* and A Soul for Europe.

Photo credit: Ljubljana Festival © Darja Štravs Tisu and Mediaspeed

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