Pearle* Draft Opinion on a Long-term Strategy on Spectrum Needs and use of Wireless Audio and Video PMSE Applications

The Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) is a high-level advisory group that assists the European Commission in the development of radio spectrum policy.

Pearle * has taken note of the RSPG draft opinion to the European Commission on spectrum requirements in the future, as part of the Work Program of the RSPG.

The RSPG is requested by PIONE applications. On the basis of this long-term strategic assessment, the RSPG should also provide guidance on the relevance of a common "roadmap" to support the audio and video PMSE sector.

As Pearle * explains in its position, it would be desirable that the draft opinion is adapted to a better approach on a long-term strategy for PMSE. Live performance organisations need to have interference in the spectrum, certainty and stability for the long run, better dialogue with ministries or telecom and regulators. Culture and creativity must be the heart of the digital internal market .

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