Social Affairs
Making live performances is a labour-intense activity. As those in the sector are highly involved in the creative process and often also go on tour around the world issues related to employment and social affairs at the workplace often need specific considerations.

As an employers organisation, across Europe, members are involved in collective bargaining which includes agreements between management and workers on several aspects of working conditions. Such agreements create a level playing field to those involved but also can be a point of reference for others.

The European Union has a large amount of legislation in the field of labour law, equality and anti-descrimination, health and safety. The European Union also promotes social dialogue and encourages social partners to take part in EU policy making.

Pearle* is the only European employers association recognised by the European Commission to take part in the European sectoral social dialogue committee 'live performance'. As such it is also consulted under article 154 TFEU by the DG Employment on social affairs issues.

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