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Jan 21, 2014

Future of Home Affairs policies: An open and safe Europe – what next?

The aim of the consultation, to which Pearle contributed, is to collect opinions with a view to contribute to the Commission Communication on the New Agenda for Home Affairs.
In its reply Pearle underlined the need for cutting red tape, and seek for rules which do not result in unnecessary costs or even loss for organisations who intend to employ third-country nationals.
In particular for a sector as the live performance, it is common practice for third-country nationals to stay for a short period or travel in and out the Schengen zone. More attention should be given to the facilitation of stays for short periods and for professional reasons.
Within the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy to deliver jobs and growth, which is also the basis for other policy areas such as on EU Home Affairs, it is essential to have an effective policy on visas for third-country nationals, in particular for those travelling to the EU for professional reasons.
The employment of third-country nationals, often for a short period such as in the performing arts sector, has a positive impact on the sector itself, on local employment and the wider economy. This should be kept in mind, if the EU and its Member States are seeking for measures to contribute to growth and employment.

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