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Jan 10, 2005

Musculoskeletal disorders

Pearle* was involved in both the first-phase and second-phase European Commission’s consultation on Musculoskeletal disorders at work. Foremost, Pearle* wishes to stress the particular nature of the performing arts sector. MSD affects both artists and technicians, due to high physical pressure that is inherent to their profession. There exists already a high level of awareness about the risks of MSD and there is a wide health and saftey framework in the performing arts sector.
Therefore, Pearle* believes that further, general initiatives are unnecessery in this area. A general framework, that does not take into account the specific nature of the sector, could even have harmful consequences for our business. Instead, the sectoral social partners are best placed to establish guidelines on this subject. Pearle* is of the opinion that a directive is not the right legislative instrument to address the issue of ergonomics in a work environment. Instead, we advocate pursuing stronger actions on awareness raising, information and training. The relevant position papers are accessible through the links below.

Link: http://www.pearle.ws/en/positionpapers/detail/59

Link: http://www.pearle.ws/en/positionpapers/detail/15

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