April 19th, 2018

Since over a decade already, Pearle* is a key partner of The Association Européenne des Conservatoires (AEC) to bring in the scope from the daily practice of the sector. I

Higher  Music Education  Institutions  (HMEIs)  play a crucial  role  to  safeguard,  develop  and  promote European cultural heritage and diversity, to facilitate access to cultural offerings and cultural education for all, and to contribute to economic growth through the creation of new jobs and new business models in the creative sector.

The Music  HEIs' graduates  will become  key  cultural and creative players  of tomorrow and, if equipped  with the appropriate  skills,  competences  and  know-how,  will  contribute  decisively  to  strengthening  the  cultural  and creative sectors and to promoting innovation within them.

The Association Européenne des Conservatoires (AEC) has had significant impact in encouraging Music HEIs to adapt to change, embrace innovation and open up new  fields  of  activities. 

AEC-SMS represents a bold new step in the Association’ s continuing work to provide this impetus. 

In the framework of the Strengthening Music in Society Project (SMS), Strand 3Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial mind-set for musicians), Pearle* is part of the working group on entrepreneurship.

The specific objective of this strand is to embed entrepreneurial skills in the education of the artist in order to better prepare students for the challenges they will face in their future role as musician-entrepreneur. To enable artists to gain new skills which will enrich their professional life and embrace their chances on the labour market.
Each project strand is carried out by a working group (WG), composed of representatives of AEC member institutions, a student and representatives of relevant external partners.
Activities and tasks of the working group will include:

    • Collecting practices in relation to entrepreneurship and audience engagement/development models among AEC member institutions, partners from the creative industry as well as projects funded by the European Commission
    • Developing a workshop model to be delivered in Music HEIs to train teaching staff in the latest teaching and learning techniques in the field of entrepreneurship from 2019 onwards
    • Work out guidelines on Entrepreneurship and Audience engagement models in the music sector
    • Prepare a handbook and online portal on how to integrate Entrepreneurship in Music HEIs training
    • Presenting the results of the WG at AEC events (such as AEC Congress 2019, dedicated to Entrepreneurship and the Early Music Conference organised by REMA in Autumn 2020)
    • Delivering a workshop/boot camp for students in connection with an AEC event
    • Contributing to preparing the AEC Congress 2021 (showcasing the outcomes of the SMS project)
    • Giving input to other SMS working groups (including to the WG on Music’s and higher music education institutions’ role in society)
    • Establishing close contacts with the Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe Pearle* (who will be asked to suggest a representative to be part of the WG), with the European Jazz Network EJN (in the form of a joint activity to support artists development and new talents) and with more partners (e.g. REMA)

Working group members

  • Oana Michaela Balan - Academy of Music "Gheorghe Dima", Cluj-Napoca
  • Payam Gul Susanni - Yasar University, Izmir
  • Pieter Schoonderwoerd - Conservatorium Maastricht (Chair)
  • Vourneen Ryan - Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin
  • Pearle* representative - Anita Debaere
  • Student representative - Camilla Overgaard
  • Angéla Dominguez/ Paulina Gut - AEC (Project Team Members)

For more information on the project, visit AEC SMS webstite

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